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Take control of your credit!

Credit LaunchPad is here to help you build business credit by utilizing tools, resources and strategies developed by credit experts and lending professionals. Learn to:

  • Develop business profile
  • Build business credit
  • Gain access to capital
  • Obtain business funding

How Can Credit LaunchPad Help You?

Credit Reports

Having a good credit score can mean dollars in your pocket, while having a bad credit score, can cost you money. When you apply for credit, lenders want to know what risk they'd take by loaning money to you, and will look at your credit scores to determine your credit risk. You should check your credit report at least once a year to make sure there are no errors that could keep you from getting credit or the best available terms on a loan.

Credit Cards

With all the credit card offers out there, it can be difficult to tell the differences between them, let alone choose the best one for you or your business. With companies offering the lowest interest rate, no annual fees, the best rewards or other options, where do you even begin? Let Credit LaunchPad steer you through the various offers, and help examine which credit cards will best match you and your credit profile.


Many small businesses tend to be financed initially by personal savings or assets of the owner, but that becomes difficult to sustain once a certain rate of growth is reached. Financing is a critical part of a small business and almost always a large concern for the owners. Credit LaunchPad can help you discover the best business credit or investment solutions to finance your business growth.


A large amount of people looking to fund their business or idea, do not have access to the tools or resources needed to properly build credit or position themselves for successful funding. Credit LaunchPad will help educate and guide both you and your business to become properly prepared, so you will be able to access lines of credit and obtain funding for your business.

About Credit LaunchPad

At Credit LaunchPad we are here to help you improve your company's image, protect your personal credit, and increase your credit capacity. We also help you protect yourself and your assets by building your business credit, since businesses can obtain greater financing than an individual.

Many small business owners rely on their personal credit to fund their business, but no institution wants to lend money to a business in need of cash flow. Using business credit separates your personal activities from your business. By building a good credit score, it can help you secure the financing you need to grow your business. A strong business credit history is the foundation to your success, as it can lower your interest rates and give you access to more capital when needed.