Personal Credit Reports

Every individual has a personal credit report. A credit report is started as soon as you accept your first job, apply for your first credit card, or obtain a utility bill in your name. This report, is updated periodically with every credit inquiry, credit application submittal, change of address, job change, etc. As the credit report is updated and added to, it becomes a statement of an individual's ability to pay back a loan. Getting a free credit report has never been easier.

With Nav you can see the complete picture of your personal and business credit health. Gain insights to protect, and improve your credit life, so you can build a better business. Nav is based on a team of professionals focused on helping small business owners succeed by allowing them to take charge of their credit health.

Nav will provide:

  • Score summary and factor details
  • Establish your business credit
  • Easy to read credit reports
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Identity protection

To create a NAV profile, contact Jamie Jones - Website Administrator - 1-800-508-1872 ext 3182.

Business Credit Reports

Business credit is a little different than personal credit. Unlike personal credit, lenders and creditors voluntarily report credit information to credit bureaus. When a business issues credit to another business, it is referred to as trade credit. Trade credit, or business credit, is the single largest source of lending in the world.

Business credit reports are established and tracked by the business name, physical address, and federal tax identification number or employer identification number (EIN). Because the information sent to the credit bureaus is voluntary, it is extremely important to know which creditors report information and to what bureau.

The key to establishing a business credit report and score is simple, know the process. For the small business owner, trying to navigate the business credit world is overwhelming — knowing which vendors to apply to, who reports credit, tracking the score, etc.

If a step in the process is overlooked, the business can be red flagged by the credit bureaus. The goal is to start immediately and do it correctly from the start.

Protect your business with instant access to the type of information large corporations use to manage their risk. Equifax can help you better understand your customers and prospects so you can grow your business intelligently across the customer lifecycle. Get one-time reports on your business credit and risk indicators, or monitor ongoing changes like business credit or emerging areas of risk.

Equifax can also help with:

  • Risk management
  • Fraud prevention
  • Marketing solutions
  • Data management

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